Small Business Reference Center

You can search business areas, look for industry information by small business type and find start-up business plans and lots more at the Small Business Reference Center found in Online Resources on the Plainfield Public Library web page. Click here and discover what you need to make your small business a success.


The 5 Most Important Negotiation Skills You Must Master

Negotiating is a necessity for entrepreneurs even though some may not like it. David Finkel looks at skills that will help reduce the intimidation of the process. Click here and find out more. It will definitely help your business and confidence.

Starting a Business for This 1 Reason Will Lead to Success

Are you hoping to open your own business? You will want to do something significant, a really good idea, something you can really call your own. Your best idea will probably come from something close to you, an interest area. Click here and find out more of what Colleen DeBaise says about starting a business that’s likely to be successful.

3 Crowdfunding Tips Every Company Forgets From a Brand That Raised $800,000 and Got Acquired

Crowdfunding can be a vital resource for launching something new or contemplating what’s next. Looking ahead yet staying grounded in the present are significant to success. Click here to see what Lydia Belanger says about shooting for success.