RefUSA @ the Plainfield Public Library

Need information about a U.S. business?  The RefUSA database at the library is the place to search.  Regularly updated, verified and current information keeps this a valuable and timely resource whether you are a business owner, a student, or someone searching for business information.  Click here and find out more.

Small Business Reference Center @ Your Library

PrintYou can search business areas, look for industry information by small business type and find start-up business plans and lots more at the Small Business Reference Center found in Online Resources on the Plainfield Public Library web page.  Click here and discover what you need to make your small business a success. A Learning Resource @ the Plainfield Library is a free educational resource available through the Plainfield Public Library webpage.  It offers a variety of video courses for software and business skills, photography and writing courses…and more.  It is free to Plainfield Library cardholders, 24/7.   If your or your organization are looking for a place to learn and improve skills, take a look at the available learning paths, design, software and popular topics.  Click here to take a look.

Mango Languages @ Your Library

PrintMango Languages recently released two new specialty courses:  Business English for Spanish (Latin American) speakers and Business English for Chinese (Mandarin) speakers.  English language learning business community members can aim for success and build their confidence by mastering business-related vocabulary, idioms and English language structure.  Click here to find these language tools.

Business Information @ Your Library: Looking Ahead to 2017

PrintAs the new year approaches, stop by the Plainfield Public Library web page and take a look at the variety of business resources.

Welcome in the new year with renewed excitement for your business.
Find information on industry basics and how to start a business.
Plan to learn a new language that may help your organization thrive.
Look at ValueLine and Morningstar for financial and investment information.
Articles may give new insights or ideas.
JobNow can give you expert assistance.

Many Library resources are available 24/7/365 with your library card.  Click here for lots of information.

Services for Business @ Your Library: Value Line

PrintValue Line Research Center is focused on investor success.  Value Line provides tools and resources to guide, inform and educate those interested in investments, whether stocks, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.  Take a look at Value Line on the library webpage under Online Resources to learn about stock prices and overviews, the Value Line rating system, how to read a report, screens you can use, investment strategies and lots more.  If you have any questions, please go to the Reference Desk at 815-327-2515.