6 Cryptocurrencies You Should Know About (and None of Them Are Bitcoin)

Matthew Toren looks at “money” – cryptocurrency – for the 21st century that goes beyond our traditional concept of what money is and how money works.  Click here to see what he says.


The 4 Most Costly Business Owner Myths

interview“…[I]f the work I’ve done with our business coaching clients over the past decade has taught me anything it’s this – owning a successful, scalable, owner independent business is doable and realistic.”  See what David Finkel says are the four biggest “business owner” myths that he says are simply not true.

What a Balance Sheet Reveals About a Small Business

NewBizIdea “Do you know what your company is worth? Understanding your profit and loss statement and cash flow statement only tells a part of the story of a business. Unfortunately many small business owners tend to overlook one of the key measures that shows the overall health of a business – the balance sheet.”

Click here  for this Small Business Administration blog post by Marco Cabajo  to learn more.

Small Businesses Spend 20 Hours Per Week on Marketing

Small Businesses Spend 20 Hours Per Week on Marketing

“If you spend 20 hours per week on marketing your business, on average, then you’re not alone. So do other small businesses, according to a recent survey by Constant Contact. For many, the extra effort has paid dividends across several metrics.

But the report also vividly illustrates the challenge marketing is presenting to small businesses.”

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