6 Cryptocurrencies You Should Know About (and None of Them Are Bitcoin)

Matthew Toren looks at “money” – cryptocurrency – for the 21st century that goes beyond our traditional concept of what money is and how money works.  Click here to see what he says.


20 Online Invoice Solutions That Offer More Than Just Invoicing

it officeThere is a greater demand by small business owners for online invoicing solutions.  There are also more companies emerging with tools and platforms that offer affordable invoicing to ease the billing process.

Peter Daisyme looks at several options to help narrow the choices, offering additional tools and features to help streamline the process and increase productivity.  Click here to find out more.

Article: Want Your Clients To Pay Faster? 7 Surprising Tips From FreshBooks

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Billing for goods or services can be a headache for the small business owner.  It is often time-consuming and takes away from the “meat and potatoes” activities of running and growing the business.  However, good cash flow is vitally important, so getting your customers to pay (and pay quickly!) is worthy of a business owner’s attention.

In a recent Forbes article, contributor Ilya Pozin interviewed Shawn Cadeau of the online billing service FreshBooks to get some insight into best billing practices.  Some of Shawn’s suggestions are using polite language on bills, simplifying payment options (by offering electronic payment, for example), and establishing automatic late payment reminder notices.  For the remaining tips, click here to read the full article.