The 10 Most Important Things to Prioritize if You Want to Be Successful

interview“What you care about defines who you are.

When you care, you want to do your very best–and that commitment and energy are a powerful force.

If you want to be successful in your confidence, business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity, be thoughtful about what you’re giving your care to.”  In this Inc. article, Lolly Daskal shows you useful ways to aim yourself toward what is important.

Small-Business Owners Devise Creative Ways to Keep Workers

interviewKathleen Murray looks at ways to retain employees.   She says,  “A record number of job openings, with worsening skill shortages and a tendency among young adults toward briefer tenures, is forcing small-business owners to find increasingly creative ways to hold onto their best and brightest.”  Click here to read more of what Kathleen Murray says.

12 Keys to the Workplace of the Future

businesses“Individual effectiveness will ultimately dictate organizational results….The workplace of the future will demand many individual competencies (effective communication, for example), but there are other crucial, and often less visible competencies that will impact one’s ability to navigate and perform well in a highly autonomous environment.”

Find out here what 12 items Doug Kirkpatrick offers for your consideration.