Article: 7 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Politicians

politicianNow that the elections for governor of Illinois and various other positions are behind  us, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the campaign-related lessons that might apply to the business world .  Specifically, are there any nuggets of wisdom that the small business owner can learn from those masters of marketing otherwise known as politicians?

Steve Sipress, writing in the Huffington Post, certainly thinks so.  He has outlined  7 marketing lessons that are particularly relevant, including:

-a focus on results, not on vague goals like “name recognition”.  Politicians want to ensure a particular action from their prospects—namely, to cast their votes for them—and Sipress believes that business owners also need to focus on results when conducting marketing or advertising campaigns;

-the need for detailed tracking of marketing efforts, so that adjustments in strategy and tactics can be made.  Politicians are masters of this, and business owners need to do it, too;

-the creation of  different messages for different audiences, tailoring each to the specifics of that audience so that there is what Sipress calls a strong “message to market match”.

For the remainder of the suggestions, you can read the entire article here.



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