Article: Small Businesses in These Five States to Get Early Access to New Portal

HealhcareAccording to this recent article in the Washington Post newspaper,  small businesses in 5 states (including Illinois) will get early access next month  to, the federal government’s online health insurance portal,  to shop for and purchase health insurance plans for their employees.

Beginning in late October, the article states, small employers in Illinois, Delaware, Ohio, Missouri and New Jersey will be “permitted to create a business account on, select an agent or broker, check their eligibility for plans and upload their employee information.”  This will give employers in those states a jump on enrollment for 2015, since they can complete these up-front  tasks prior to learning the details about plans and prices in November.

The article goes on to state that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) intends to use information from this early period to improve the rollout to the remaining states in mid-November.  HHS officials are hoping that improved online enrollment and new tax credits will make the purchase of health insurance easier and cheaper for small business owners.





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