Article – Don’t Give Up Your Day Job: How To Become A Successful Part-Time Entrepreneur

NewBizIdeaDo you have a passion for turning your idea  or hobby into a business but a fear of giving up the steady salary and perks of your current job?  It can be frightening to pin your financial well-being on a start-up given that many businesses take quite some time to turn a profit.  Many of us don’t have the deep pockets or outside funding necessary to pay our bills while waiting for our business to prosper.

Dan Simon, a contributor to Forbes online magazine, has profiled two successful entrepreneurs who have found a different path.  They both work full-time at demanding jobs while also tending to their start-ups.

One is a British barrister and mother of two pre-schoolers who is the founder and CEO of a location-based app that helps parents locate places to feed, change or purchase items for their children when they are out-and-about.  The other works as the U.S. head of a financial technology company but  is also the founder and lead designer of  a men’s fashion firm.

Simon interviews both on the challenges of balancing their day jobs, fledgling businesses and personal lives.  He also finds out about their techniques for promoting self-discipline and maintaining a high degree of motivation.  Finally, he asks them to share advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

You can read the full article here.

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