Article: Businesses Are Missing Out On One Valuable Social Media Platform

BlogWe’ve written in the past about the value various social media options like Facebook and Twitter can bring to a business.  But our attention was captured recently by Forbes contributor Adriana Lopez, who wrote an interesting article about an often under-utilized option—blogging.

Lopez points out that blogs can move business websites beyond their usual status as online brochures or platforms for completing  transactions.  Adding a blog can solidify brand identity, illustrate the personality of the business, provide free advertising as posts are shared, and present  insights and information which potential customers view as  value-added resources.

Interviewing the social media manager of a public relations/marketing firm that has recently implemented blogging as part of its own business strategy, Lopez highlights some areas to carefully consider when evaluating the addition of a business blog.  These include knowing the benefits, such as improved marketing results and increased website visits; making the commitment of time and money; scheduling properly to ensure regular and consistent posts; promoting wisely, including  possible cross-promotions with other businesses mentioned in your blog; and, of course, posting content that is relevant and interesting.

You can read the full article here.



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