Article: Why I Ditched My Co-Working Space

DesksShared working spaces have become popular with some entrepreneurs because they offer cost savings and networking opportunities without the need to make a long-term lease commitment.  However, as you might expect, there can be downsides to this working arrangement as well.

Rebekah Campbell, chief executive of Posse (a shopping search engine), details some of her concerns  in the  You’re the Boss blog of the New York Times.  Here are some of the reasons she moved out of her co-working space after just two months:

-“People were there for the wrong reasons.”   Too many were wannabes who enjoyed the communal atmosphere but did not seem to be committed to the hard work required to launch a business.  That left them lots of time to interrupt the work of others.

-“Noise was a major problem.”   Although certain areas were designated as quiet zones the boundaries were rarely respected, making it difficult for Ms. Campbell and her team to focus.

-“There were other distractions.”  Offers of free pizza, learning sessions and live music seemed welcome initially, but often proved distracting or required workers to clear out of the space earlier than they would have liked.

There were also serious problems with regard to competition and team culture/morale.  Read the full article here to find out more.



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