Article: Are These the 13 Worst Customer Service Mistakes Ever?

customer serviceThe good news is that they can all be fixed but, according to Forbes contributor Micah Solomon, these customer service mistakes  are very common and serious enough to be considered cringeworthy!

Here are a few that really resonated with me:

-being late with your product or service, or perhaps  insensitive or even deceptive when it comes to your ability to meet your customers’ time preferences.  As Mr. Solomon says, “a perfect product, delivered late, is a defect.”

-forgetting that customers pick up “cues to quality” from lots of sources, even the little things like mistakes on your web page or signs. A typo might seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things but the article states it perfectly:  “this stuff matters”!

-apologizing for a mistake in a way that makes it obvious you’re not really sorry.

-not realizing that how your business does things is as important as what your business does.  The language you and your employees  use and the non-verbal signals you send need to be friendly, kind and consistent with your brand.

Take a look at the complete article to find out more about these mistakes as well as the others in the “top 13”.


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