Article – Email Marketing: 4 Tips for Getting Past Spam Filters

emailpixIf you are sending emails out to current or prospective customers, you are probably investing considerable time and effort in crafting  just the right message.  However, even the best message may be ignored when it lands in a spam folder.

Ivan Widjaya, owner/editor of the website, offers several tips for increasing the odds that your messages are actually read.  First and foremost, he emphasizes the need to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act, which governs commercial emails such as advertisements and promotions; take a look at this page from the Federal Trade Commission’s website to learn more.

He also recommends avoiding obvious sales terms like “buy now”, which will almost certainly result in your message getting snared by spam filters.  The same goes for using too many images in your message; these, too, increase the likelihood that your email will get tagged as spam and heighten concerns that your images are actually vehicles for the infiltration of malware or viruses.

Finally, he writes about the need to offer text-only versions of your emails for customers using mobile devices such as smartphones.

To view the complete article, click here.


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