Article: Habits of Online Shoppers That You Should Know

With 85 % of the world’s online population having used the Internet to purchase items (according to Nielson Global Survey), online shoppers are becoming very important to many businesses. According to a recent article on the Small Business Trends website, various researchers have uncovered some interesting facts about online consumers.

It turns out that there isn’t much of a difference between male and female shoppers in the location from which they make their online purchases or in the type of device used. There is a difference, however, in how they find the products they wish to buy, with women more likely to respond to marketing emails and men more likely to rely on Internet surfing.

The number of abandoned online shopping carts suggests that shoppers are easily distracted—not surprising given the interruptions that can occur on a typical day. This supports the need for businesses to retarget their online shoppers, and several companies offering such services are listed in the article.

And as you might expect, price is a factor in most purchases, with almost 80 percent of shoppers saying they purchased from the site where they found the lowest price.

Are your customers currently able to purchase your products over the Internet (or are you moving in this direction)? Take a look at the complete article to find out more about online shopping habits.


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