Article: Cybercrime’s Easiest Prey – Small Businesses

Do you believe your business is too small to attract cybercriminals? Think again! According to an article on CNNMoney’s web site, a recent investigation by Verizon showed that 31% of all data breach incidents in 2012 involved entities with less than 100 employees. Another CNNMoney article warns that once a new business establishes a web site and begins using email, cyberattacks begin almost immediately.

There are several reasons for this. Smaller companies are easier to penetrate than larger ones who have the time, money and IT staff to protect themselves. Small firms who are the partners or suppliers of large corporations can provide an easy gateway to entry. And of course, even a small firm can have lots of information that’s tempting (and valuable) to hackers, including customers’ credit card numbers, client information and banking details.

For a good line of defense, rely on basic security principles: establish strong passwords, install and maintain up-to-date antivirus software and don’t allow essential services like banking to be exposed to the Internet.

To read these two articles, click here and here.


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